The Star Team specializes in creating satisfied clients. Here’s what a few have to say:

“Star Marie was a true lifesaver when I needed one. I had a limited amount of time to obtain a mortgage, was seeking employment, and the US housing market had collapsed. Star guided me through the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage, found the best rates possible, and kept me in the loop the entire time. I met my time deadline and now have a great mortgage. Star is literally the best professional I have ever worked with on something so financially complex yet personally so important to my well-being. She comes with my highest of recommendation and most profound gratitude.”
Marie – San Diego, CA

“Star has been our loan officer since 2004. She is a trusted advisor and has become a family friend. I had some serious credit issues when I first purchased my home.  With  patience, humor, clear thinking and pulling from her depth of knowledge Star guided us through the loan process. We have refinanced several times and always use her. Star is a trusted professional you can count on all of the time every time”
Cathy – San Diego, CA

“We are  currently in the process of refinancing our home to drop our rate. This is our third loan with Star. Getting the loan to buy our home was easy. The problem came when we tried to switch from an adjustable to a fixed. The market had just started to tighten up. Even after our loan was approved…3 times..it was denied 3 times due to the values dropping. She stuck with us until she found a perfect match for us. Whew. We trust her completely…..and she always gives us a good rate with low cost.”
Kevin – Puyallup, WA

“Star did a great job on our loan. She was very professional. I have referred many of my family and friends who have been just as happy as we were.”
Steve – San Diego, CA

“Star found our perfect home for us. We were already approved and were able to close quickly. She was very professional. We  were very happy with her services.”
John – Ramona, CA

“After my husband suddenly died, I moved from my beloved 2 story home that we had lived in for over 20 years. I hated the retirement community my son had chosen for me. I sold that house with in a few months and moved to a wonderful neighborhood in a real neighborhood. Star got me a loan so I did not have to  close on the hated house to move into my new one. I am now living in a neighborhood I really like. Star made a smooth transition possible.”
Carol – Arlington, WA

“Star has been our family loan officer for the past 15 years. She helped us purchase 3 different homes. We have never had such fantastic personal service from any one else in any profession. She assessed  the changing needs of our growing family; always finding the perfect loan. We have referred her to  family and friends over the years. All have been extremely satisfied. What sets her apart from any one else in her profession is her depth of experience, her positive attitude and the relationship she and her company have with the top lenders in the country. We are looking to buy another home next year. Star is the only loan officer we will consider.”
Jason – Seattle, WA

“I am a single retired marine  woman. If I was to stay in my home, it would have to have major repairs and up grading. I did not have the money. My best friend brought Star to my home to explain a reverse mortgage. Her explanation was clear and concise.  She answered all of my many questions with patience and kindness, always making me feel my questions were important. I now have a new furnace, insulation, windows, bathrooms, flooring, painting and receive a monthly payment for as long as I live in my home. Oh yes….I did take some money out of my line of credit to buy something I have always wanted….a big screen TV.  I have money for extras, I can live in my home now and I have peace of mind.”
Carolyn – Lemon Grove, CA

My clients have all chosen Star Darden as their real estate loan officer. All have been extremely satisfied with her personalized and professional service. If a problem comes up Star has the knowledge and contacts to quickly solve the problem. She gives my clients options and choices. Best of all over the past 7 years she has found them a great rate with very fair closing costs. Long before the disclosure requirements, Star made certain everyone understood the program they were selecting as well as all of the closing costs. I highly recommend Star as a real estate loan officer of choice.”
Cristi – Everett, WA

“Star was referred to me by a listing agent who would not accept my buyers’ offer unless they agreed to interview Star Darden as their loan officer.  Her recommendation was so glowing I decided to call Star myself. That was over 20 years ago. All of my clients have used and continue to use her for all of their real estate lending needs. She has been a trusted partner who has consistently delivered above and beyond customer service and industry knowledge.   I tell my clients she has closed every loan on time. My clients have all loved her”
Wayne – San Diego, CA

“Star made it possible for me to buy my home with a reverse mortgage. I never dreamed it was possible but Star made it happen for me! She is relentless on working through all the issues that come up to close a loan and does what it takes to close on time. The people Star has on her team
must live up to her rigorous standards and commitment to work with her clients. I highly recommend Star to assist you with success in your real estate acquisitions. With gratitude to Star!”
Michaele G.

“The best way to describe Star Darden is as a ‘people person’. She loves people and truly enjoys helping them make their real estate dreams come true.  The harder she works for you, the more fun she has.

Star is an expert at keeping ahead of the ever changing programs; and, is committed to fully educating all her clients.  With over 20 years experience in the lending industry: Star has more than what it takes to handle any transaction that comes her way.  She ‘knows’ everyone in town and can usually handle any problem with a quick phone call.”
Marsha – San Diego, CA

In uncertain times, it’s nice to have someone to trust!
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